Katie N Testimonial

“What is amazing about Dr K’s plant based tinctures is they truly work. As I write this testimonial I’m trying to even remember the symptoms my 3 1/2 year old daughter exhibited, but it’s hard for me to recall them now as she has blossomed into an entirely different child! She is happier, more easy going with far less anxiety and just more even keeled. We saw an instant change in her disposition shortly after using this tincture, along with a small dosage of lithium. We were at a loss for how to have a relationship with her as we never knew the child we’d be interacting with. We are so grateful to be on the other side of this now where she is more balanced and overall our relationship as a family is thriving. Thank you Dr K for all the attention to detail you put into each patient’s situation and coming up with solutions that works for the individual with the only intent on helping them (us) thrive

Katie N