Josh M Testimonial

“Our 4 year old son had been kicked out of two preschools. He was having trouble regulating his body and being safe with other children, at home and at school, and was feeling anxious and bad about himself. He was diagnosed with Autism, which was a total shock for us as parents. The hardest part was not only the sadness that comes from seeing your child suffer, but the confusion around what to do to support him with so many options, opinions, etc.
Dr K. was there for us all of the way as a guiding force. Listening, helping, and leaving no stone unturned as we tried to come up with a plan to best serve his needs. First, he did an extensive series of bloodwork to better understand what was going on biologically, systemically. Through the lab testing, we discovered that his thyroid was out of balance. Dr K. made a Balance Mix and Adrenal Mix that supported his hormones, including his thyroid.
From there, Dr K suggested modifications to Oliver’s diet, in conjunction with a series of additional supplements to support him neurologically and biologically. Oliver was to remove all gluten and dairy from his diet, and add Sunflower Lecithin to his food. In the mornings, he began taking high doses of Omegas and a multi-vitamin called “Spectrum Needs,” as well as a Broccoli-seed based supplement, small doses of Lithium, Vitamin D, and Saffron Essential Oil. In the evenings, we was to take a form of Magnesium called “opti-mag.” Dr K told us to wait 3-6 months to see if we saw any results, and that he expected we would.
Dr. K’s supplements were paired with the continuation of therapy, of course. He was receiving OT, Social Skills classes, and had a 1:1 aid with him at school. But the resounding proof that the nutritional and herbal interventions were working is simple: He had been in therapy for over a year to little success. Then, like magic, pretty much 3 months to the day later, Oliver is a remarkably different child! He is calmer and more regulated overall. He has been able to be at school successfully and safely for full days. And most importantly, he is feeling good about himself—looking forward to being at school and playing with friends. The positive feedback loop continues, and each week my wife and I glow with the progress he is making. I think the supplements were able to support and calm his overall system, so that the therapy could be more effective.
There are no miracle cures, of course, and autism exists on a spectrum that interfaces with a child’s natural brain development. Oliver is still the same kid, working on many of the same challenges. It’s just that he seems that much more regulated, in his body, and clear since we began the nutritional/herbal protocol. We are so grateful to Dr K. and the whole team at Wholistic Kids and Families for their loving support throughout this journey

Josh M