Elly J Testimonial

“Our 4-year old was still tantruming! Wasn’t this supposed to be over in the “terrible two’s” or “threeanger” months? The episodes were daily. And they were not mild: 30-45 minute tantrums with screaming, throwing, tears, irrational and totally inconsolable. We felt so bad for our little guy. We were mindful of feeding him wholesome, nutritious foods—thinking that keeping steady blood sugar could prevent them. He seemed to be getting good, adequate sleep and he got quiet time/nap time daily, yet he was still ornery. I was beginning to fear he had some major behavioral issues brewing and feared for our future (would he be another case of ADHD?).
At his 4-year annual check-up, we addressed these behaviors and concerns with Dr. Katiraei. One of the treatments he asked if we would consider was the adrenal plant mix. We loved the idea of using plant properties to help balance his little system. Every morning for two weeks, he drank 2oz of water with 5-8 drops of the tincture. Within a couple days we started to see a change. We also coupled the adrenal mix with continued nap/quiet time from about 1-2pm.
It’s been 2-months since we introduced his system to the adrenal mix and our days are radically different! The impending dread of an afternoon tantrum is lifted. He is overall bright and focused ALL DAY long! That afternoon dip is not as steep. We still make quiet time, but if it is missed its not a big deal. When he gets upset, he is able to cry, be comforted and recover quickly. We keep the drops in our cabinet and have used a couple times as needed.
The guidance we received from Dr. K to keep this growing boy in optimal condition is so valuable. Knowing this plant mixture is available to others inspired me to share our experience in hope it can be a tool for other families, too

Elly J