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We help you free your child from severe anxiety, mood issues, and behavioral problems.

You are not a bad parent and your child is not a bad kid...

If you feel lost, hopeless, or unsure about how to help your child, then you have come to the right place.

I felt lost and hopeless.

Before Wholistic Minds, I felt lost, hopeless and unsure about how to help my child.

I am overwhelmed by the Information.

I have searched tirelessly for answers, but feel more confused and overwhelmed by all of the information I have found.

Don't waste your time and money.

I have spent significant amounts of time and money on supplements and treatments to help my child, only to see them fail.

I'm tired of useless visits.

I have seen multiple doctors and therapists, only to get nowhere.

We help you find the personalized roadmap to your child’s healing​.

Wholistic Minds was created to help you find the unexplainable reasons why your child suffers and how to heal them as quickly as possible. We know that gut health, nutritional deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, mold, heavy metals and more can impact behavior. Wholistic minds will help you find what is the root cause of your child’s behavior.

"Your child may be acting out because of a physical imbalance that is causing him or her to suffer and be in pain. We know what these children go through, because I was one of them, and we have now helped thousands of children like yours get better."

Dr. Pejman Katiraei

Wholistic Minds Founder

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We presume all children are the same, and they all have the same issues. This is anything but the case, and that is why we believe every child deserves a treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to them and their needs.

What People Are Saying

“She is happier, more easy going with far less anxiety and just more even keeled. We saw an instant change in her disposition shortly after using this tincture, along with a small dosage of lithium.”

Katie N.

“The tincture for Belar has been amazing and quality of life changing regarding the OCD tendencies. She no longer getting stuck in feedback loops and she prior would incessantly “dry” her goll goll (genitals). Wow. Visible and clear difference. Thank you!” .


“OH! Theo is doing amazingly well with the adrenal support. He has never said I love you to us unprompted and since starting the adrenal support he does it on his own unprompted pretty consistently!!! Truly miraculous honestly. We are so grateful for your care and expertise.”.


“Our 4-year old was still tantruming! Wasn’t this supposed to be over in the “terrible two’s” or “threeanger” The episodes were daily. And they were not mild: 30-45 minute tantrums with screaming, throwing, tears, irrational and totally inconsolable.

Elly J

Our 4 year old son had been kicked out of two preschools. He was having trouble regulating his body and being safe with other children, at home and at school, and was feeling anxious and bad about himself…

Josh M

After 4 weeks of being on his yeast treatment ( nystatin , clay , biocodan ) I started to notice many positive changes. First I noticed his bowel moments became more regular, less smelly, and didn’t hurt him. His mood was the next thing that I started to see a shift in ; he started being less reactive to when he was frustrated with something. Instead of immediately screaming out of frustration Or throwing what he was working on he was able to take a minute and attempt to handle his frustration and come get me. I’m seeing many little improvements with his mood each day and hope that as we finish the regimen for the next 4 weeks things will improve even more ! I’m just happy to see my smiling little guy more often.


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