Why Your Child May Be Acting Out


Our society is quick to judge kids who act out. We judge their parents for not being “good parents.” What if the kid we judge can’t behave well or control themselves, because they have a physical reason for why they are acting out?   Imagine what it felt like to have the flu. Now imagine what it felt like to have a hangover. Imagine what it would be like to have a mild version of both of these awful experiences simultaneously, EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY for as long as you can remember! Some children who we judge and label as a “bad kid” live in this version of hell – and this is their “normal” experience of life. How would you act if this was your “normal” everyday experience?   Sadly, we can’t see this state of suffering or illness, because it is not obvious. Dr. K knows what these children go through, because he was one of them. He learned how to heal himself, and now, through Wholistic Minds, he wants to help you heal your child. No child should suffer, and fortunately we know have tools to help them.