When Anxiety is not Anxiety: When mito errors cause the nervous system to falter




In this 1 hour video presentation titled “Anxiety Is Not Anxiety: When Mito Errors Cause the Nervous System to Falter“, Dr. Pejman Katiraei offers his observations on anxiety.


In addition to the video link below (click the Learn more hyperlink), below is a written summary of his experience treating patients suffering from foggy brain, impaired judgement, inability to think clearly, mood-swings, anxiety, and even severe depression.


A dear 7-year-old boy came to see me because of severe irritability and anxiety. He was impulsive and had difficulty controlling his own actions. He was quick to upset, and when he was tired, he would go into episodes rage and intense anger. After his explosive, rage episodes, he would come out of that dark state and express remorse for the way he acted. He told his mom, “I don’t want to act like this.” This boy’s self-esteem over the years sank lower and lower, as he came to consider himself as “bad.”


His mom had tried every parenting trick in the book. She worked with occupational therapists and behaviorists, but still this little boy was unable to control his behaviors. He tells his mom that “life is hard,” and that he is “too tired.” He prefers to sit and play video games, rather than running around and being physically engaged. Underneath the turmoil and anger lies a sweet, loving boy who genuinely wants to love others, but why does he not control his behaviors? Why does he choose to act this way? These are the questions that have eluded his mother and the therapists she has worked with.