A Personalized Roadmap For Your Child's Healing

See How The Wholistic Minds Approach Can Work for Your Child

Despite what you are told, your child may have a physical imbalance causing him or her to suffer. He may not want to be bad, but he literally may not be able to control himself. The behaviors you see may be because she is in PAIN and her nervous system is in a state of complete chaos.

Wholistic Minds was created to help you find the unexplainable reasons why your child suffers, and to help you learn how to heal them as quickly as possible. We know what these children go through, because Dr. K was one of them. In his 10+ years of practice and training, he learned how to heal himself and the countless children who have come to see him. Is it time to heal your child? If you want to dive deep and truly understand what is causing your child to suffer and how to heal him or her, then this is the site for you.

You will learn the exact problems debilitating your child, and what you need to do to help him or her heal as efficiently and effectively as possible. Generic, one size fix-all treatments will not work for her, and that is why you get a personalized roadmap for her healing journey. At your side is Alfred. Alfred is an AI-powered system that stands beside you at every healing step. He makes the very complex simple, so all you have to do is focus on helping your child.

What People Are Saying

Katie N

“She is happier, more easy going with far less anxiety and just more even keeled. We saw an instant change in her disposition shortly after using this tincture, along with a small dosage of lithium.”

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“The tincture for Belar has been amazing and quality of life changing regarding the OCD tendencies. She no longer getting stuck in feedback loops and she prior would incessantly “dry” her goll goll (genitals). Wow. Visible and clear difference. Thank you!” .


“OH! Theo is doing amazingly well with the adrenal support. He has never said I love you to us unprompted and since starting the adrenal support he does it on his own unprompted pretty consistently!!! Truly miraculous honestly. We are so grateful for your care and expertise.”.

Elly J

“Our 4-year old was still tantruming! Wasn’t this supposed to be over in the “terrible two’s” or “threeanger” The episodes were daily. And they were not mild: 30-45 minute tantrums with screaming, throwing, tears, irrational and totally inconsolable.

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Josh M

Our 4 year old son had been kicked out of two preschools. He was having trouble regulating his body and being safe with other children, at home and at school, and was feeling anxious and bad about himself…

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Parents of children with extreme behavioral issues are often told that the solution to their “obstinate and willful” child’s unacceptable behavior is “more discipline.” They’re led to believe that their child’s “bad” behavior is the result of “bad” parenting.  Guilt-ridden and ashamed, they read every parenting books and do their best to implement “better” parenting strategies, only to find that it does not work! Know this: You are NOT a bad parent and your child is NOT a bad kid......


I was born to be of service to others. I now understand EVERYTHING in my life was there to help me become the person to help you heal your child from severe behavioral issues. You see, I was a child who lived with so much anxiety and depression that I did not want to leave my house other than for school. Between the ages of ten to twelve, I was in so much internal pain that I regularly thought of taking my own life. I spent most of my adolescent, teenage and young adult years battling anxiety, depression and ADHD......